Massage is beneficial for children of any age, however the earlier you incorporate massage into your baby’s life, the sooner they start to receive the benefits. At Blissful Bambini we adapt our classes to suit your child whether they are newborn, crawling or fully mobile. Our classes are conducted in a relaxed setting and your baby is not expected to lie still for an hour. Throughout the class you will be encouraged to attend to your child’s needs, which may include putting your baby to sleep and using one of our lifelike demonstration dolls to practice the massage sequence.

Please contact Alicia to discuss which class is most suitable for you and your bambini.

Format Introductory Course = Cost Full Course = Cost Pain Relief Course = Cost
Private Lessons 1 hour session $80 2 x 1.5 hour sessions $180 1 hour session $75
(4 or more babies & parents
1 hour session $30 per baby & parent 4 x 1 hour sessions $25 per baby & parent
per session
1 hour session $25 per baby
& parent
Please note: Classes are charged on a per baby and parent basis, except in the case of twins or triplets where discounts apply.
Class Details
Baby Massage
One hour introductory class:
During this one hour introductory session we focus on basic baby massage techniques. We cover important topics such as when to massage your baby, which oils to use and the massage environment. The introductory session is perfect for parents who would like to learn more about baby massage and its benefits. The introductory session is our most popular gift voucher for baby showers and as a gift for new parents.
Private lesson = $80
Groups (4 or more babies & parents) = $30 per parent
Baby Massage
Full course:
This comprehensive course equips parents with a full range of massage techniques to incorporate into their daily lives.  Over a number of sessions parents will learn the complete massage sequence, lymphatic exercises and ways to relieve discomfort associated with colic, reflux, constipation, wind and congestion. This course comprises two separate 90 minute sessions for private lessons or four separate one hour sessions for groups.  Each session has a balance of discussion topics and practical exercises.
Private lesson = $180 for the course
Groups (4 or more babies & parents) = $25 per parent, per session (x 4 sessions)
Baby Massage
Pain relief class:
Due to popular demand we have developed a one hour session focusing on techniques to relieve discomfort for babies suffering from reflux, colic, constipation, wind and congestion. In addition to providing pain relief for your baby, the techniques taught in this class may also help reduce the chances of these conditions recurring.
Private lesson = $75
Groups (4 or more babies & parents) = $25 per parent
Baby Massage
Premature babies:
Massage is particularly beneficial for premature babies.  It helps with weight gain, aids lung development, builds the immune system and assists with bonding and attachment, which is especially important if a baby has spent considerable time in hospital.
Baby Massage
Special needs:
Classes can be tailored to focus on particular special needs such as babies with asthma, autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.